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Capacity & Capabilities

Manufacturing Capacity

24-hour turn around for 2-layer PCBs, 2-7 working days for multilayer PCBs;

Over 3000 different models supplied every month.

Production Capabilities (Rigid PCB):

1. Material: FR4,High TG FR4FR4 Halogen free, Aluminum based FR4, Rogers material etc.
2. Layer counts: 2-28L 
3.Finished Copper:0.5-5OZ 
4.Finished Board thickness: 0.2-6.0mm 
5.Max finished board size: 24x35 inch 
6.Mini line width: 4mil 
7.Mini line space: 4mil 
8.Mini overall board outline tolerance: +/-0.1mm 
9.Mini drilling hole size:0.2mm 
10.Mini drilling slot size: 0.6mm 
11.Mini via pad diameter: 18mil 
12.Max Aspect Ratio: 12:1 
13.Mini solder mask bridge: 4mil (SMT pads space can be 8mil) 
14.Mini solder mask thickness: 10um 
15.Solder mask hardness: 6H 
16.Mini silkscreen tracks: 5mil 
17.Mini silkscreen tracks height: 30mil 
18.Mini space between holes to tracks: 8mil(2-6L), 10mil(>=8L) 
19.Solder mask color(LPI): Green, Red, White, Blue, Black, Yellow,  Matt etc. 
20.Silkscreen(Legend) color: White, Black, Yellow etc. 
21.Surface finish: HAL, Lead Free HAL, Immersion Gold(ENIG), Immersion Tin/Silver, OSP etc. 
22.Special technology: Gold finger,  Peelable mask, Blinded or Buried vias,  Impedance control etc. 
23.Reliable test: Flying Probe Test,  Fixture Test, Impedance Test, Solderbility Test, Micro-section Analysis, Thermal Shock Test,  Hi-Pot Test etc. 
24.Wrap and twist: <0.7% 
25.Flammability: 94V-0 
26.Inspection standard: IPC-A-600F 

Production Capabilities (FPC):

1.Material: PolyimidePolyester
2.Layer Counts: 1-6L
3.Min Line Width/Space: 3/3mil
4.Max Board size: 500*500mm
5.Drilling diameter:0.25mm-6.5mm
6.Base material copper thickness: 12um-70um
7.Insulate layer thickness: 0.0125-0.05mm (PI thickness)
8.Electronic plating Sn/Pb thickness: 3m --- 20m
9.Electronic plating Au thickness: 0.05m
10.Chemical immersion Ni/Au thickness: 0.05m --- 0.1m
11.Electronic plating Sn thickness: 3m --- 20m
12.Etching width/space: S: 3.5mil (0.076mm),DFM: 4.5mil (0.100mm)
13.Etching tolerance: width 20 (special 10)
14.Board Outline tolerance: 0.1mm, 0.05mmthe same mould
15.Parts fixed position tolerance: 0.2mm
16.Insulation Resistance: 1011Normal
17.Thermal Shock Resistance: 260  10 seconds
18.Peel Off Strength: >1.0N/mm
19.Inspection Standard: IPC-A-600F

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